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Client-Side Validation with jQuery, DataAnnotations, MVC 2, and VS2010 Beta 2
Anytime a feature of a framework gives me something for free that I don't need to manually implement I'm a happy camper. One such feature of ASP.NET MVC 2 is jQuery client-side validation. The reason I like this is that unlike other jQuery fr
Tour of Oslo: Storing Models in the Repository
In this blog post I take a quick tour through the act of taking an existing "M" model, compiling it and storing the compiled model image in the repository
Tour of Oslo: Using Models to Generate SQL
One of the simplest use cases of Oslo is using the "M" modeling language to define models. These models can be stored in a repository or simply converted to SQL schemas
Microsoft Codename "Oslo" Distilled
Oslo is suffering from mixed messages, poor marketing, and lack of developer understanding. This post tries to take all of the different pieces that make up "Oslo" and simplify them so that you can hopefully figure out if Oslo should be on your radar
UX (Good or Bad) is Universal
This past weekend my family and I went to a hotel + indoor water park for some vacation. In addition to having a blast vacationing, I took special note of the overall User Experience of one of the hotel's games.
Geneva Distilled
An interesting Microsoft product in beta right now is called "Geneva". This blog post takes a look at Geneva and distills it into bite-sized morsels that a non-security-guy can digest.
T4, Visual Studio 2008's Best Kept Secret
T4 is a Text Template engine that comes with Visual Studio 2008 and I've somehow managed to remain ignorant of it until now. Check out this blog entry to see how powerful T4 really is.
Microsoft releases new predictive Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control Container
Just this morning I managed to get my hands on some interesting new bits. Read the rest of the blog post for more details!
WPF Control Development Unleashed
The cat is out of the bag and despite rumors of my retirement from writing, I am actually contributing to another book.
Silverlight 3 Out-of-Browser Apps vs. Live Framework Mesh-Enabled Web Applications
Silverlight 3 adds the capability for your applications to be installed and launched out-of-browser. Live Framework MEWAs also have a similar capability for SL2.. How do these capabilities mesh?

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