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Google Chrome OS
Google are reportedly planning to release an operating system based on their Chrome runtime/browser. If it was anyone else it would probably warrant no interest. The concept itself is not new, but when you consider the timing, the rise of RIAs, Googl
Creating Drupal Sites with Flash or Flex: Update
It appears a new Views module has been released which is causing a couple of problems with the Drupal/Flash stuff, so I’ve updated the post to describe the necessary steps. Hopefully the Adobe DevNet article will also be updated soon with these
Creating Drupal Sites with Flash or Flex
I’m pleased to see that an article I wrote for Adobe DevNet has just gone live. “Creating Drupal Sites for Flash or Flex” describes the benefits of using a CMS for your Flash or Flex sites, how to set everything up, getting Flash ta
The Save Button - A Thing of the Past?
This afternoon I caught a tweet from @afovea which said “Why is a floppy disc icon still indicative of ’save’ … when was the last time you used a floppy disc?”. He has a very good point, we are stuck with quite a few ana
New Monkey Island Game
The Monkey Island games were something of a cult phenomenon, certainly back when I was at school, even though the first two were already retro at that time, I think that just added to their charm. Easily one of the best point-and-click adventures of
Compiling FFMPEG Statically on OS X (and Windows)
I was up extremely late last night figuring this out, so I made some rough notes as I went along. Hopefully they’ll save someone a small nightmare. Disclaimer: I haven’t written C code since I was in my teens, and apart from some Objecti
Flash on the Beach 2009 Tickets Now on Sale
The schedule has just gone up, new speakers have been added, and tickets are now on sale. You’ll want to get your tickets as soon as possible because the sooner you get them, the cheaper they are, and they’ll be going fast. There are opt
EncryptedLocalStore processErrorCode() in AIR
I’ve just migrated from an old MacBook Pro to a new one using Apple’s Migration Assistant. I then thought it’d be a great idea to perform some manual cleanup and accidentally deleted a keychain (in KeyChain Access) which was used by
Bullet Point Characters Incorrect for Word Documents in OpenOffice Mac
Just a very small post here because I had trouble finding a solution myself. Users of OpenOffice for the Mac may experience odd-looking bullet point characters when opening and saving MS Word .doc files. The character looks like a W inside a box. An
Filtering Hierachical Data in Flex using ITreeDataDescriptor
This post describes how to filter data for use with any component that displays hierarchical data, such as the Tree, AdvancedDataGrid, or your own custom component. For the purpose of the post I’ll just consider the Tree, but the same technique

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