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Why you should NOT care about building apps for the iPhone with Flash
The news from Adobe MAX 2009 that probably generated the most buzz and discussion online was the announcement that Flash CS5 will have support for outputting applications for the iPhone. While I am really excited about the news, and the work we are d
Max Session Update : Flash for iPhone Q and A
Just a quick note, but my Max session for Wednesday morning, at ( 9:30 AM) titled “Secret Session : Flash” is now an open Q and A with the Flash Player and AIR teams to talk about creating applications for the iPhone with Flash.
Building Applications for the iPhone with Flash
This morning during the day 1 keynote at Adobe Max 2009, Adobe announced that the next version of Adobe Flash (Flash Professional CS5) will include support for creating stand-alone applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. As you can imagine,
Pixel Mesh on Why Max
Video after the break: This was built using the new Microphone Access APIs coming in the next version of Adobe AIR (code named “Athena”). Some more info here. Lots of info on Athena and other new technologies at Adobe Max 2009. Pixe
Converting Nikon D90 Videos to work with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
I recently bought my first DSLR, the Nikon D90, which I have been having a blast with. One of the cool features of the camera, is that it supports creating HD video clips (of up to 5 minutes) (view an example here). However, the way the clips are cre
FOTB Slides : Advanced Desktop Development with Adobe AIR
I am in Brighton for Flash on the Beach 2009 (amazing conference as usual). I gave a presentation on Adobe AIR yesterday, titled “Advanced Desktop Development with Adobe AIR“, which went well. I covered how to accomplish and approach a nu
Parsing and displaying BMP files via ActionScript
I dont have a formal computer science training / education, so I never got the chance to learn about working with low level data structures (bits and bytes). I have wanted to learn this for some time, but had difficulty finding resources for it which
Flash Player 10 System Requirements Updated
Just a quick note, but we have updated the Flash Player 10 System requirements page. The update adds support for various browsers on Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard). You can view the Flash Player 10 system requirements here.
Rich Runtime Supported Platforms Matrix
Below is a matrix that shows supported runtimes for Rich Runtime browser plugins. The matrix compares the latest versions of runtimes, which are supported by the companies that create them. The runtimes covered include: Adobe Flash Player 10 Microso
Converting from Matrix3D to Matrix in ActionScript 3
For the past month or two, I have been spending time building a game (something I havent done since my Flash 4 days). This has really been a lot of fun, as it has allowed me to use some of the Flash Player APIs which I really haven’t had a chan

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